Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Guest Blogger

So I'm sure by now many of you are probably getting bored of my writing, if not then I guess I am doing my job properly. However, I have decided to get a guest blogger to occasionally contribute posts to my blog. The guest blogger will be one of my closest friends, Nicky, well I am in the process of persuading her to be my guest blogger. Now I must be honest Nicky isn't in to mainstream fashion or beauty like me but she has an amazing, unique personal style and is really into her music. Recently she has been drawing a link between what effect music has had on the fashion industry and I think something like this will be an interesting guest piece for my blog; if that's not your thing then her choices on style will definitely be a must-read.
In order to get a feel of Nicky's work before she writes an entry check out her current work below ....


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