Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Yesterday I decided to have a massive sort out/tidy up of all my things. When doing this I came across more memories to put in my memory box; my memory box is full of things from the past 5 and a half years that I've been with my boyfriend. My old memory box was an old Carvela shoe box but that had become too small so I needed a new, bigger box to put my things in. Call it fate, or good timing, but my brother had just got new steel capped toe boots for work and the box is came in was nearly double the size of my old shoe box. The shoe box itself was very plain and boring so I thought I would spruce it up last night. I found an old topshop magazine in my things so I cut out the pages from it and covered the box in the pages that I had cut out. On the front of the box I wrote 'Bex and Josh Memory Box - 17.03.07' (This being our anniversary date) This is usually about as creative as I get but I'm happy with the final outcome. My box continues all the cards and letters from my boyfriend, train tickets from going to visit him, old jewelry he bought me, everything from all the holidays we have been on together; flight ticket stubs, excursion tickets, leaflets, etc.


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