Saturday, 28 July 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Renamed

Iconic YSL has been renamed to keep in line with the new makeover of the brand.

Yves Saint Laurent has been renamed to Saint Laurent Paris by new creative director Hedi Silmane, who has also set up his creative studio in LA rather than at the Parisian headquarters. Silmane took over from Stefano Pilati as creative director back in March, when he also told the world that he was looking to remake the brand.

The symbol of 'YSL' has become iconic over the years but Silmane has changed this in order to keep the new logo in line with the company being rebranded; a few days ago the new logo for Saint Laurent Paris was revealed, it was greeted with mixed reactions, especially negative ones on social media sites.

YSL's new ready to wear logo

The new logo has taken a more sophisticated yet timeless approach. The logo is monochromatic and is kept very simple but this is what he been labelled as 'boring' by the public. Since this photo was released earlier this week on the brand's facebook page the company has been bombarded with a haul of negative comments, though it should be added that it received likes as well. I myself am like the public, I am in two minds. I have grown up with seeing 'YSL' so I am gutted to see Silmane replacing the icon. However, I do like the fact that Silmane has decided to return back to the past because this new label resembles the old Saint Laurent label when Saint Laurent himself was creative director back in the 1960s. This shows that YSL is heading forward but also respecting the brand's past.

The old Saint Laurent Rive Gauche logo

With regard to the negative comments on social networking sites, YSL have made no official comment on them.

Regardless of this commotion I am more interested to see what Silmane will produce for the SS13 line which will show during Paris Fashion Week at the end of September, this will be the true judgment on whether or not he was right in rebranding the iconic YSL.


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