Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Topshop takes to Twitter and Facebook for apology

Within the past half an hour well-known high street brand Topshop has taken to social networking sites to announce an apology to its customers for selling a vest that 'supposedly' has upsetting historical connotations and references.

Topshop were selling a vest in stores and online that featured a skull and cross bones and had 'Slayer' written underneath it; a link to the band slayer because fan tees have always been popular.

However, a few shoppers have caused a stir over this vest and have raised their voices out against it accusing Topshop of being pro-Nazi. According to these people this vest carries the skull and cross bone symbol that was used by the notorious SS, who were the people who carried out the Holocaust 70years ago, and this sort of symbol was indeed worn on various parts of their clothes, but so many others were as well. I understand how a Nazi symbol would be very upsetting and inappropriate but I honestly think that people are now overreacting to cause of stir against Topshop. When I think of skull and cross bones I think of pirates and I normally associate the SS with the Swastika and Gas Chambers. Being a history student I am fully aware of the events and symbols of the Nazis but I think that this is just a petty attempt by a group of people to undermine Topshop as I doubt many people do know about this symbol and its relation to the SS. I myself do get annoyed when religious symbols are used in fashion because it is disrespectful to religion but I don't think that many people were offended by this when first looking at it, they were only 'offended' when the point was made by other people - this is the sad thing.

There is a fine line with being PC in this society but I honestly don't think that Topshop meant to cross the line, and knowingly did not cross the line. I don't like this vest in general and would not wear it but I am not offended by it; I have distant relatives that were victims of the Nazis and were killed in the Holocaust but I don't take offense to this because I know that Topshop aren't trying to glorify the SS or be anti-Semitic.

I do commend Topshop for apologizing to their customers that were offended by their vest but I honestly think that they had no reason to be sorry because it isn't pro-Nazi or anti-Semitic like people are saying it is. If you chose to be offended by it then that is your chose but Topshop didn't sell this with the intention of offence.

This vest has now been taken out of stores and off their website and is no longer available to buy.


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  1. Actually it is pro-Nazi.

    That particular skull and cross bones is the SS's emblem. It is not any old skull and cross bones.

    However, I don't think this was purposeful but a genuine oversight.