Thursday, 5 July 2012

Best Beauty Buy

Today I have bought possibly the best beauty product in my life.

Now, I'm going to be honest. I am normally a complete make up snob because I rarely buy it so when I do I splurge out; Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Mac are the only brands in my make up bag.

I needed a new mascara, not only because I had had my current YSL one for 6 months now but also because I can no longer where it because of my sensitive eyes. Any normal mascara is too heavy for my eyes but because I loved my YSL one so much I braved through the pain, something my optician wasn't happy about. I was skeptical that I wouldn't find a light, sensitive mascara that did the same job as my YSL but that did not hurt my eyes, however I was proven wrong.

I was proven wrong by Clinique's high impact mascara, in black. At first I wasn't sure about Clinique but because it is "100% hypoallergenic" I thought that this was my best bet for my eyes. The people at the Clinique counter in John Lewis were lovely and helped me pick out the perfect mascara. As soon as I got home I applied it to my eyes. I was amazed. The new Clinique mascara did the exact same job as my old YSL one but it was lighter so my lashes didn't look clumped, it didn't hurt my eyes and it lasted for longer. The look I wanted was for longer, fuller lashes that laster the whole day, and this was achieved.

I am seriously in love with it and would recommend it to anyone, sensitive eyes or not; also it is cheaper than my YSL one, £16, so my bank is content too.


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