Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fashion Pop

Earlier this year Diet Coke named designer Jean Paul Gaultier as the new creative director for the brand.

Gaultier has already shown his genius behind the moving camera by directing some viral short films for the brand as well as adverts. (they can be viewed on youtube)

One of my favourite short films by Gaultier is this .... - It's called 'The serial designer rocks out'. It sees Gaultier work his magic on the animated character Irene and turn her from a fashion fool to fashion royalty; the short includes Gaultier himself.

Today more of Gaultier's magic was displayed when Diet Coke revealed his new designs for their limited editions bottles. The bottles feature signature Gaultier designs (stripes and sexy bustier galore - just what we love about Gaultier)

These ad campaigns were shot by photographer Stephane Sednaoui - the ads all feature Gaultier's face and the bottles themselves; the bottles feature Gualier's nautical stripes and corset silhouette for a day and night theme to them.

These limited edition bottles will be released across Europe in 9 countries and will feature these two new designs; a third design will be released later on in the year.

In the U.K. these bottles will go on sale on Monday 16th April.

I will be going to Harvey Nics in Knightsbridge on Monday in order to get a few of these bottles - these are not to be missed. They will go down just as well as the Karl Lagerfeld diet coke did, which was released last year.

These new fashion versions of a well loved pop are not to be missed.


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